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Tuthilltown Cacao Liqueur 750ml Bottle
Tuthilltown Cacao Liqueur 375ml Bottle

Tuthilltown Cacao Liqueur

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We partner with Fruition Chocolatiers in Woodstock, NY to re-distill rich, dark chocolate to get a decadent cacao liqueur. Great in dessert-style cocktails or on desserts like ice cream or cheesecake. Fruition also uses our Hudson Whiskey Baby Bourbon in their Hudson Bourbon Dark Milk Chocolate Bar and Brown Butter Bourbon Caramels.  

  • Nose: Dark fudge, hot chocolate, black coffee
  • Palate: Brownies, dark chocolate, espresso
  • Finish: Medium, balanced
  • Strength: 44 proof, 22% ABV

***** Note:  This product is only available for shipping within New York State.  A complimentary snack will accompany your order. *****