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Free Shipping for orders over $150
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Hand Sanitizer

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Tuthilltown Distillery is proud to be producing hand sanitizer for local health and safety organizations and offering it for sale to the general public at cost. We continue supporting New York farmers by purchasing the same corn used to make our whiskey, to produce a neutral spirit as a base ingredient. This sanitizer is not a gel and has a water-like consistency. It's packaged in 200ml and 750ml bottles from Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and 1 liter bottles from Tuthilltown Half Moon Orchard Gin.  

** For orders of more than five cases, please contact us for the most economical shipping option. Note: cases of sanitizer are not eligible for free shipping on orders over $150 ** 

Product Information:

  • Follows World Health Organization (WHO) and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines and is appropriately denatured. 
  • Not fit for consumption. Keep out of reach of children. 
  • Contains 80% alcohol by volume and denaturing agents.
  • Produced from corn grain neutral spirit. 
  • No unnecessary added ingredients such as perfumes or oils. 
  • No gelling agent, consistency is water-like.