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Book - Harvest Pursuit of Real Food

Harvest: Pursuit of Real Food

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Max Watman's compulsively readable memoir of his dogged quest to craft meals from scratch.
After a harrowing experience with a pink-slime burger, acclaimed writer Max Watman resolves to stock his pantry with real food. Invigorated by memories of his childhood in rural Virginia with foodie parents, he hunts, fishes, gardens, bakes, makes cheese, raises livestock, butchers, preserves, and pickles. All does not go as planned: his backyard paradise is invaded by a defiant chicken-killing raccoon; his homemade Camembert tastes like chalk; and for one moment it seems as if he's lost a thousand-pound steer. With humor and infectious enthusiasm, Watman perseveres, detailing the pitfalls and triumphs of his do-it-yourself adventures without pretense. On his quest he learns that the value of the endeavor is in the attempt, and that living from scratch is not all-or-nothing. With a blend of down-home spirit and literary panache, Watman serves up a delectable taste of the farm life--minus the farm.