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Where to find Tuthilltown Spirits Whiskeys and Vodkas

Searching for our spirits?  Unfortunately it is illegal for distilleries to sell alcohol direct online.  

Perhaps consider buying a gift certificate here.

We sell our spirits on-site in Gardiner, NY, a beautiful day-trip just 1.5 hours north of NYC.  The address and directions are available here

If you can't make it to the distillery, your best bet  (and the one that helps our small distillery grow) is to go into your local retailer and request our products by name.  Most of the time they will order them for you.

If you are looking for information on stores selling our Vodkas, please contact Domaine Select at  212.279.0799 or

Below is a contact list for the sales team at William Grant and Sons.   For the most recent list of stores and on-premise locations which sell Hudson Whiskey in your area, please contact the person in the territory nearest you.


Eastern Territory Name E-mail Cell Phone
  Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut Michael Sciretta (781) 820-3326
  Rhode Island, Massachusetts Brendan Simms (617) 642-0883
  New York Matt Evans (214) 727-3133
  East, Central Chris Flanagan (718) 415-5166
  New York Metro Tom Orlandino (516) 297-1442
  Upstate New York Dan Dennison (585) 201-9268
  New Jersey Seth Aronson 973.563.3901
  South Jersey Sue Grosser (732) 986-1544
  North Jersey Brenda Krampert (732) 309-0821
  Maryland, DC, Delaware John Walsh (410) 310-2531
  Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine Dan Bannister 610) 618-0004
  Colorado Matt Dorman (303) 731-9512
  Florida Steve Goldberg (954) 614-5433
  South Florida Blake Sergot (952) 288-6206
  Central Florida Saul Moise (954) 654-0947
Central Territory Name E-mail Cell Phone
  Illinois Keith Whitlock (847) 452-9656
  Illinois Chris Cassidy (312) 375-9538
  Indiana Jason Holland (317) 332-9715
  Minnesota Kevin Meidl (952) 500-0663
  Wisconsin Suzanne Rusch (414) 243-3073
Southern Territory Name E-mail Cell Phone
  Texas, Oklahoma Willie Chesnut 281.222.1357
  North Texas, Oklahoma Bill Burke 972.302.2808
  Dallas, Texas Sharon Whieldon 214.395.5391
  Houston, Texas Chris Lowder 832.285.6768
  Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota Mark Dieckhaus 816.679.9527
  St. Louis, Arkansas, Kansas Tim Burckhardt 314.359.7064
  Kentucky, Tennessee Tim Pitts 615.429.6071
  Louisiana Jorge Lauriano, Jr. 504.669.6904
Western Territory Name E-mail Cell Phone
  California, Hawaii Abe Walczak (650) 248-9544
  Southern California Carl Mikeska (760) 351-6189
  Northern California Cheryl Riley (415) 699-9744
  Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Alaska Tim Larrance (503) 317-2411
  West, South John Bonfilio (602) 293-6355

Tuthilltown Spirits is New York's first whiskey distillery since prohibition, distilling some of America's most prized spirits here in the Hudson Valley. Our handmade spirits, which start at our farm distillery as raw grain and fruit, are made without added flavor or color and are not chill or carbon filtered. Products include the Hudson Whiskey line: Baby Bourbon, Manhattan Rye, Single Malt, and New York Corn Whiskey; Heart of the Hudson Vodka and Spirit of the Hudson Vodka, both produced from 100% locally pressed fresh apple cider; Roggen’s Rum, an aged rum made from blackstrap molasses; and Tuthilltown Cassis Liqueur, a special edition spirit which is made from locally sourced black currants and aged in our whiskey-cured barrels.