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  1. Whiskey Women

    Whiskey Women

    Without women, whiskey may not exist. In Whiskey Women, Wall Street Journal-bestselling author Fred Minnick tells the tales of women who have created this industry, from Mesopotamia's first beer brewers and distillers to America's rough-and-tough bootleggers during Prohibition. Women have long distilled, marketed, and owned spirits companies. These strong women built many iconic brands, including Bushmills, Laphroaig, and Maker's Mark. Until now their stories have remained untold. Learn More
  2. Modern Moonshine Techniques by Bill Owens

    Modern Moonshine Techniques

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    To learn how to make whiskey you first have to brew beer. Go to amazon. com and search "brewing" and you will find numerous books on this subject. The easy way, however, is to take a home brewing class offered at most home brew shops. These shops also sell brewing kits, malt extracts, dried malt extract (DME), malted barley, wheat, rye, and flaked corn. The next generation of distillers is going to come from the craft brewing industry since they know the complex flavors found in barley make great beer and will make great whiskey. Modern Moonshine Techniques has three sections: First is how to use sugar to distill a "moonshine." Second, how to build an inexpensive corn cooker and make corn whiskey. Finally, and most importantly, this book, with text and il- lustrations, shows how to build a mash tun to create a grain whiskey wash. And, then instructions to distill that wash into whiskey. Finally, get your DSP from the TTB, your State (ABC) license and open an "artisan" distillery. Then distill the grain whiskey here and put it into a barrel. It will, in a matter of months, pick up flavor and color as it matures. And, if you leave your whiskey in a charred oak barrel for two years, it becomes "straight Bourbon whiskey." Craft distilleries often drop the word "straight" and age their whiskey for less than one year. Learn More
  3. Moon-Shiners Manual

    Moon-Shiners Manual

    Originally published in 1976 The Moonshine Manual is a wonderful book if you live on a farm and can drive to town for a bag corn. Along with the typewriter the town Feed & Seed store have disappeared. Today there is a renaissance in micro-brewing and craft distilling. The principals of distilling described is this book are correct but the methods used by today's "urban" moonshiner have changed because every town in America has a home brew shop where he or she can take a home brewing class and buy his ingredients to make beer and moonshine. (Mostly yeast and sugar.) The techniques described in this book are not used by today's modern moonshiner because better how-to information (books) and equipment are readily available. It is estimated that there are 15,000 modern moonshiners in the USA and the industry is currently going through a renaissance. Learn More
  4. Whiskey Cured 10 gallon Oak HONEY COMB® Barrel (patent pending)

    Whiskey Cured 10 gallon Oak HONEY COMB® Barrel (patent pending)


    Our barrels have been used to age our fine artisanal spirits including Bourbon, Rye and Single Malt Whiskeys and Rum. Built of Charred American White Oak in the traditional style; suitable for aging home-made Wines, Beers and Spirits (it is illegal for non-licensed individuals to distill spirits in the home . . . just so you know). Also an invaluable kitchen addition for chefs aging vinegar and barmen aging bitters! Our aging process imparts unique character into the barrel giving your beverage of choice a distinct and impossible to match layer of complexity. These are real, functional barrels, not lacquered or treated in any way.The barrels do come equipped with a bung. Some barrels will bear markings similar to the ones pictured, but there is a great deal of variation. In addition to their functionality, they are great for projects such as humidors and planters. They can also be dismantled easily for use in a multitude of other woodworking projects. Feel free to contact us about buying lots. Click here for handling instructions

    Honeycomb staves increase surface area inside the barrel, leading to more contact with the wood and an increased extraction of hemicellulose, cvannilins and tannins. Using these barrels will expedite the barrel maturation of your project, while imparting intense and desired qualities. Barrels are produced by Black Swan Cooperage using patent pending Honeycomb technology. Learn More

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