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  1. 99 Pot Stills

    99 Pot Stills

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    The pot still is a distinctive characteristic of the craft distilling industry. Now, with over 350 craft distilleries in the USA, pot stills are scattered throughout the country, in many different settings. Each still is carefully attended to and adapted to the distiller and distillate. This book is the result of having driven over 33,000 miles-visiting and photographing over 100 of the craft distilleries utilizing pot stills. Learn More
  2. Apothecary Cocktails

    Apothecary Cocktails

    Apothecary Cocktails features 75 traditional and newly created recipes for medicinally-themed cocktails. Learn the history of the top ten apothecary liqueurs, bitters, and tonics that are enjoying resurgence at trendy bars and restaurants, including Peychaud's Bitters, Chartreuse, and Vermouth. Find out how healing herbs, flowers, and spices are being given center stage in cocktail recipes and traditional apothecary recipes and ingredients are being resurrected for taste and the faint promise of a cure. Once you’ve mastered the history, you can try your hand at reviving your favorites: restoratives, sedatives and toddys, digestifs, and more. Learn More
  3. Artisanal Cocktails by Scott Beattie

    Artisanal Cocktails

    Inspired by the bounty of Sonoma County's organic farms and local distilleries, Scott Beattie shakes up the cocktail world with his extreme twists on classic bar fare. In ARTISANAL COCKTAILS, Beattie reveals his intense attention to detail and technique with a collection of visually stunning and astonishingly tasty drinks made with top-shelf spirits, fresh-squeezed juices, and just-picked herbs and flowers. In creatively named recipes such as Meyer Beautiful (My, You're Beautiful), and the Grapes of Roth, Beattie combines flavors and aesthetics as meticulously as a chef to produce party-worthy concoctions guests won't soon forget. Learn More
  4. Bourbon & Blues

    Bourbon & Blues

    By melding a bourbon distillery of today with a famous blues musician, Hans tells the history of bourbon and the artistry of the blues in an entertaining manner never before seen in print. This is a book that bourbon enthusiasts as well as blues fans will certainly enjoy. After reading the first page it will be difficult for a reader to lay the book down before the last word has been absorbed. Learn More
  5. Craft of Distilling

    Craft of Distilling

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    Special Price: $7.50

    This manual is intended for the craft whiskey distiller who aims to make excellent-quality malt whiskey through artisan distillation methods. This manual describes, at the craft level, the process of making whiskey. It gives detailed instructions on how to distill one barrel (53 gallons) of 120-proof malt whiskey. The reader learns about the principles of distillation, types of stills, and the process of distillation. The manual also goes into detail about how-to make head and tails cuts-the elusive operation that a distiller needs to learn in order to create a world class whiskey. Most important is the chapter on mashing and creating a barley wash for fermentation. The all-grain recipes in the manual are adapted from the mashing (brewing) process used by commercial malt whiskey distilleries. Finally, the wash will be distilled using the double-distillation method employed by most of the renowned malt-whiskey producers. Learn More
  6. Long Term Changes In Whiskey Maturation

    Long Term Changes In Whiskey Maturation


    Visit the link below to read Long Term Changes In Whiskey Maturation, a presentation compiled by Scott Spolverino, Lab Research Associate, Production Research and Development Tuthilltown Spirits, LLC. Originally presented at ADI 2012.

    Learn More
  7. Making Pure Corn Whiskey

    Making Pure Corn Whiskey

    This book was written by a science graduate with many years experience adapting commercial distillation processes to small-scale, inexpensive home operations. It details all the steps involved in making whiskey, from making corn mash, to fermentation, to distilling the finished spirit. The book explains exactly what to buy, how to assemble the equipment, how and why everything works, and how to operate it. The book is 186 pages and is complete with diagrams and photographs of finished equipment and close-ups of key components. Learn More
  8. Micro-Distilleries in the US and Canada, 2011 edition

    Micro-Distilleries in the U.S. and Canada, 2011 Ed.

    Enjoying fine spirits is an experience to be savored. Micro-distilleries understand that, and their atmosphere provides you with an experience as unique as their spirits. Unfortunately no guide has existed to help people learn about this exciting, growing industry. Until now. With information on more than 100 micro-distilleries, Micro-Distilleries in the U.S. and Canada is an insider¿s guide that¿s perfect for fine spirits connoisseurs or novices pouring into the spirit world, or for anyone who wants to find great spirits while traveling. This guide includes everything you need to know about these micro-distilleries. Fully indexed, Micro-Distilleries in the U.S. and Canada includes hundreds of photos and, information about each micro-distillery. Learn More
  9. Modern Moonshine Techniques by Bill Owens

    Modern Moonshine Techniques

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    Special Price: $12.50

    To learn how to make whiskey you first have to brew beer. Go to amazon. com and search "brewing" and you will find numerous books on this subject. The easy way, however, is to take a home brewing class offered at most home brew shops. These shops also sell brewing kits, malt extracts, dried malt extract (DME), malted barley, wheat, rye, and flaked corn. The next generation of distillers is going to come from the craft brewing industry since they know the complex flavors found in barley make great beer and will make great whiskey. Modern Moonshine Techniques has three sections: First is how to use sugar to distill a "moonshine." Second, how to build an inexpensive corn cooker and make corn whiskey. Finally, and most importantly, this book, with text and il- lustrations, shows how to build a mash tun to create a grain whiskey wash. And, then instructions to distill that wash into whiskey. Finally, get your DSP from the TTB, your State (ABC) license and open an "artisan" distillery. Then distill the grain whiskey here and put it into a barrel. It will, in a matter of months, pick up flavor and color as it matures. And, if you leave your whiskey in a charred oak barrel for two years, it becomes "straight Bourbon whiskey." Craft distilleries often drop the word "straight" and age their whiskey for less than one year. Learn More
  10. Moon-Shiners Manual

    Moon-Shiners Manual

    Originally published in 1976 The Moonshine Manual is a wonderful book if you live on a farm and can drive to town for a bag corn. Along with the typewriter the town Feed & Seed store have disappeared. Today there is a renaissance in micro-brewing and craft distilling. The principals of distilling described is this book are correct but the methods used by today's "urban" moonshiner have changed because every town in America has a home brew shop where he or she can take a home brewing class and buy his ingredients to make beer and moonshine. (Mostly yeast and sugar.) The techniques described in this book are not used by today's modern moonshiner because better how-to information (books) and equipment are readily available. It is estimated that there are 15,000 modern moonshiners in the USA and the industry is currently going through a renaissance. Learn More
  11. Moonshine


    Moonshine by Matt Rowley: Now here's a volume you can really drink to! Something's brewing in these pages, and it's moonshine a word that evokes fascination, curiosity, and a warm sense of nostalgia. Never before has there been such a richly illustrated, thorough, and entertaining celebration of the history of making fine distilled spirits. Take a trip through moonshining's past: travel from its beginnings as a pioneer staple to the dark days of prohibition, from quickly produced urban rotgut to today's carefully handcrafted artisanal libations. Get in on the fun with how-to instructions that take into account all legal regulations and requirements before covering ingredients, building a still, basic distilling techniques, and dozens of recipes, all adapted for the beginner. Whiskies, brandies, grappa, schnapps: they're all here, along with dozens of page-turning quotes, song lyrics, and vintage photographs and illustrations. Learn More
  12. The Art of Distilling Whiskey and Other Sprits book

    The Art of Distilling Whiskey and Other Spirits

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price: $12.50

    This book is a backstage pass into the world of small-scale distilling of whiskies, gins, vodkas, brandies, and more. The reader, the ultimate spirits aficionado, will learn how water and grain are transformed into the full range exquisite, timeless liquors. There are few books available that explore the actual craft of distilling in such detail. Most of the other spirits books chronicle the historical side of the distilling world or focus on the flavors of various vintages. Our book will be the consummate insider's guide to distilling techniques. Bill Owens' original photography, the result of two cross-country road trips, offers comprehensive illustration of the microdistilling world. Learn More

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